News 26 April 2017

The Tiger Moth has been on the back burner for several years. The Storch has got most attention, but Eivind Svenningsen has done some Tiger Moth work in-between. Notably, most of the flight controls in the cockpit nears completion. Lots of parts has been finished and made ready for final installation. The last component that has received attention is the oil tank. It was badly crunched in an accident, but Eivind has managed to make it oil tight and look right. The Storch is a few months from being completed. Then the Tiger Moth will get full attention from the whole team.

The painted fuselage frame ready for installation of parts.

Eivind Svenningsen re-shapes the oil tank.

Flight control details

News 28 January 2012

The fuselage frame is ready painted and the floor board is in place.
Some parts of the seat support structure and flight controls are also about to find its right place. The original front cowling is in airworthy condition.
As one of few Norwegian Tiger Moths no. 145 had an extra fuselage fuel tank which has been found and installed. More details is on its way.

The fuselage frame with a few details attached.

Two attachment brackets lend for copy and one being manufactured from scratch


News 24 October 2010

More working hours has been spent on the workshop this summer than on restoring airplanes. 90 m² of a previously “cold” section of the building has got the same treatment as the rest of the workshop. A part of this area has become the carpenter’s workshop and the Tiger Moth airframe has already moved inn. It is about time to get started with the cockpit area. The Gipsy III engine has also got some attention. During disassembly it was found to be in excellent condition with no wear. The plan is to find missing parts and run the engine.  

The carpenter’s workshop with the Tiger Moth fuselage frame in place.
The walls are decorated with Tiger Moth parts still carrying the original fabric from the pre-war period.


The Gipsy III during disassembly.

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